Assurity Staffing Group understands the challenges and frustrations that come along with finding a new employment opportunity. We work directly with IT individuals and our clients to take the pain out of this process.

STEP 1: Find a position that fits.

Searching for a job these days can be one of the most nerve racking and confusing things you can do. There are thousands of websites out there that you can go to and countless positions posted online every day.

There may be thousands of jobs out there in the field that you want to be in, but there are only a few that are meant for you. Take a look at our job postings here and see if we have the right fit for you.

STEP 2: Send us your resume.

OK. So you searched through our database and you found the “perfect” job for you; now let’s take some action. Send us your resume so we can make sure you have the skills that our client needs in their next employee or contractor. Our recruiters are experienced IT recruitment professionals, so they can clearly communicate the technical aspects of each position, while understanding your specific job search criteria.

Haven’t updated your resume in a while? Don’t worry; we can help with that as well. While we are not a “resume building shop,” we know what a good resume should look like and can help you tweak yours so if reflects your skills and allows for a good impression.

​*Note-Assurity Staffing cannot guarantee that any resume adjustments done by us will result in an interview.

STEP 3: Put your best foot forward.

If we are able to set up an interview for you then this is your chance to shine. Get out your best suit and shine your shoes. This is what people are referring to when they say “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

This is where you show what you are made of and present your skills you have acquired. Remember, this is also where you evaluate the position, employees and company to make sure this is a fit for you as well.

*Note-Assurity Staffing cannot guarantee any interviews with our clients. The client makes the decision of who to interview based on the resumes that are presented to them.